Second day in Palermo

Our second day in Palermo started so good! The sun was shining and all we wanted to do was wandering around. It’s quite easy to just walk and see everything, so we didn’t even use a car or taxi to move around the city! My legs also thanked me for that! I needed some exercise! First thing we went to see was the Cathedral! It’s incredibly beautiful and you can also make a tour to the top for the panoramic view! It’s really worth it! We grabbed some refreshments on the juice store in front of it! Quite nice too!

Next we went to see the Catacombs, which you’ll need to walk a bit but totally ok! They were a bit scary for me and I wasn’t able to shoot anything inside, or at least i didn’t want to ahaha After that we came back to the center again to have lunch and we found some other monuments close by. We visited some churches, went to the marina and explore the markets a bit more. Everything in this city is truly so nice, i love the colors, the streets and the food!


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