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If there’s one thing I always dreamed about, was to have long and healthy Hair. I struggled a lot throughout the years because my hair is very thin, but I didn’t care that much about how to make it healthier or stronger. I was pretty much used to having short hair and I could deal with it.

But today, I’m sharing one of my favorite tricks about stronger hair. Using the right products and cutting your hair frequently are obligatory, but I also want to tell you about how you can increase your hair health with vitamins. Two years ago I started my first SugarBearHair Kit, not only because I saw one of my best friends taking it, but also because I was so curious. It’s crazy how easy you can overcome some of these hair issues with just daily vitamins and these are by far my favorite. I think it’s pretty amazing that everyone is used to taking vitamins or supplements to help with what they’re lacking. For me, it’s always been important to make sure that my immune system, skin, and hair are healthy. The most important thing about these is that they help your hair and nails, along with being sweet and fun to eat daily. They’re truly delicious gummies! I usually take the 3 month pack that comes with a hairbrush and a pretty mini bear bag! It’s a cuteness overload!

You can find my favorite gummies HERE and also get all the info about the Effective Ingredients. These Vitamins are also Vegetarian, Soy and Gluten Free? Most importantly, they are Cruelty Free! I love this!! xx


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