Iceland with Primark

Our adventure in Iceland with Primark began with a very special packing mission. This experience #PrimarkSetGo was all about starting the year right and that means – healthy and active on a special place! So, we would need workout gear and some extras!  And the special place – Iceland!! Wow, It was on my bucket list forever and just like that, it came true!

It was a very short trip but so awesome and I saw so many beautiful things that made my wish to come back even stronger! So first day was all about flying to Iceland with some delays on the flights (we were unlucky with that) and get to our beautiful Husafell Hotel. It was in the middle of the mountains and snow and even tho it was dark when we arrived, the view we had the next morning was insane! Next day our very first experience there was a workout session with the awesome @aliceiveing. My body felt so good after (I mean sored but that’s how you know it’s gonna be good) and we had a second breakfast to regain our strenghts before we head to our first outside experience – The Lava Cave. I haven’t been on a cave since I was a little girl on school trip but this Cave was out of this world!! It had Lava phenomenons and ice aswell and it was pretty awesome to see all this nature work in one! The view of the mountains there was pretty stunning!

After the cave it was time for us to have a beautiful lunch in our Hotel. The food there was amazing and we had the view of the mountains right behind us! So pretty! After that we got on the bus again to go to The Blue Lagoon. One of the most touristic places in Iceland but so worth it to see and experience!! We got our Primarks and bikinis and just immediately ran out of the bus when we got there cause we all wanted to dive in before the night fall. It was pretty impressive how warm the water was and the contrast between outside temperature and water temperature. But felt really good! We also had a massage in the water, and a really good one!! It was a day to remember!

Our last dinner in Iceland was in the Blue Lagoon, we had a big table booked in one of their saloons and it was pretty magic to experience a delicious meal with all of the team of this Primark trip! Can’t wait to be back in Iceland! xx

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