Discovering Estonia – Snowland

Last day in Estonia was a snowland dream. We decided we wanted to leave the city and explore the country side. First stop was the Keila Waterfall. It’s weird but I never seen a waterfall like that, it was pretty stunning and I can only imagine when the temperature gets lower the water starts to freeze and all the amazing shapes the ice will make.

We stayed for a while contemplating the water running down the hill and listening to that amazing sound. After that we turned back closer to the city to go to an amazing restaurant – UMAMI. It was so cozy and again, I had to order a hot soup and a delicious meal! Food in Tallin was incredible! When we finished our lunch we started our way to Saula, we wanted to see the river and lakes and we were pretty sure we were going to see a lot of snow and frozen water!

The snow and all the white was so pretty during our journey and when we finally arrived to Saula we still had to do a little bit of hiking through the immense white. It was incredible, I still have no words for that kind of beauty! I’m not use to that type of landscape in Portugal, so it’s all really new for me. We finally arrived to the Blue Springs of Saula, but my favorite was that big round circle like a lake. Daaaamn, it was stunning! The blue, the snow falling from the trees, the silence, it was all magical. I have so many photos from that place, cause everything was perfect for a photo. We stayed there till the sun started to go down but we still had time to pass by a Viking Village close by and watch the sunset there. A lot of families and kids were there, it was so cool to see everyone playing in the snow.

After that we made our way back to the city and had dinner in a beautiful wine place. Later that night we got ready, we packed and called a taxi to the airport cause our flight back to Portugal was so early! Arriving to sunny, warmer Portugal I had this feeling I left a winter dream in Estonia, it was truly incredible to experience all these good things in Tallinn and on the countryside, it made me fall in love with winter a little more as I’m usually very bored with the cold weather. Anyway, I just have to thank Visit Estonia for such an amazing stay and to give us a chance to share the culture and these amazing places with you guys. I really wanna come back, but maybe now during Summer! xx

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