The Yacht Week in Croatia

First days

We sailed away from Split and arrived at Vis – a beautiful small island. We stayed there for a day in a half and our first stop was a submarine military tunnel which was so impressive for me. Never seen anything like that and what we did next was even more surprising. There was a bunch of crazy guys (professionals I’m sure) jumping from the top and of course our crew that’s also professional on this decided to take some crazy shots jumping from the top of the tunnel. It was crazy. I was enough happy with jumping from the rocks to the crystal clear water. After that afternoon, we had a lovely dinner at a restaurant and we went to a big themed party. We all dressed Tropical theme and we danced all night! It was so fun!! Next day we sailed to the Green Cave and damn, it was so fun! I guess when you go on a boat trip with your friends you spend 99% time jumping from boat and rocks to the water. You forget to eat, sleep, drink, you just want to be on the water ahahah

The Yacht Week Raft

The Raft is a very typical thing in TYW. The boats gather in circle or in line and everyone starts to party. The circle raft was the more fun for me! The music was very loud and everyone had a float to jump and chill on the water! Damn, I miss the crazy rafts we did there! After this we sailed to Palmizana and Hvar.

Palmižana and Hvar

Palmižana was such a dream! We went there to spend a day in a half, and we had a wonderful lunch at Laganini restaurant. Dreamy food with a dreamy crystal clear water of a view! It was definately one of my favorite sights this Summer! After that afternoon we went to Hoola Hoola Bar in Hvar and after that night it was my time to go back home cause I was going to Ibiza a day after! I can tell you that even I didn’t saw much in Croatia, the 4/5 days I spent there were absolutely fullfilling. I’m sure I’ll be back soon! Croatia is a dream, so many island and locations to discover and when you have a boat is totally an adventure! I really think everyone should look for an experience like this. It made my Summer so much more better. I hope you guys liked to read a little bit but above all, like the photos and feel willing to go there 🙂 xx

You can see my vlog from TYW here:

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