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Hey Hey!! Já estamos a domingo e como não podia deixar de ser, apetece é sair um bocadinho e aproveitar o sol da tarde depois desta chuva toda. O meu hobbie preferido durante a semana? Explorar e andar pela minha querida Lisboa. Adoro esta cidade, quanto mais viajo mais consigo perceber que temos coisas tão boas na nossa cidade. Adoro conhecer outras cidades mas adoro Lisboa. Espero que gostem das fotos!! Como foi o vosso fim-de-semana?

Hey Hey! How are you? The rain ceased for a little while and it was enough for me to spend the whole afternoon wandering around town. It’s definately my favorite hobbie on a sunday. Love Lisbon and love everything that comes with a sunny day. How about you? How did you spend your weekend? love xx

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  1. adorei o look primaveril! o meu fim‑de‑semana foi super chill haha, mas o passado foi passado a Londres, podes ver em

    Moi by Inês

  2. Areli says:

    Love the embroidered jacket and cute bag!
    Areli // Areli's April
    Areli's April on Bloglovin

  3. Diva In Me says:

    My weekend gets from super warm to super cold! Travelled way up north and the weather change is just extreme =D
    I like Lisbon and was there few years ago but it was winter when I'm there and the weather didn't allow me to wear cool denim jacket like yours =)

  4. Such a great look! I'm in love with the jacket!

  5. Love this look! It suits you very well! (sorry not to write in your language!)
    Bye from Corsica

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