Here I’m lying in my bed in the beautiful W Paris Opera Hotel, going through all the pictures of today amazing day. What a thrill! I have so much to show you already! But first I just need a good night of sleep before tomorrow, when we’re going to have a full day of shopping, discovering the best of Paris concept shops thanks to @paris_jetaime and all of the partners. So excited, seems like I’ll be bringing home a lot of Xmas goodies! Follow my #ParisianXmas journey on @mexiquer. Talk to you tomorrow loves xx

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  1. Inês Silva says:

    oh quem me dera estar aí ^^

  2. Gostei muito das calças

    Muitos beijinhos
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  3. Gorgeous! I love the colours and textures!

  4. That sounds amazing!! 🙂

  5. I need that coat!

  6. Cátia Boas says:

    Adorei o casaco ^^

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