Out in Paris


Not sure if you’re already full of Paris posts but I just can’t help it, I still have a bunch of pictures to show you so hang in there 😛 I’m already missing the #ParisianXmas weekend with Chloe, Tiphaine, Rosanna, Kristabel, Fadela, Emma and of course the lovely girls from @Paris_Jetaime. These pictures are from our last nigh at Bar Brûlé. We drank some cocktails and then left to our rooms to have a good night of sleep before our last day in Paris. Magical! xx

4 responses to “Out in Paris”

  1. ROSALINDIS says:

    awhhh you all look gorgeous! nice outifts


  2. Teresa Louro says:

    Drinked não existe na língua inglesa. Drink, drank, drunk! Beijinho*

  3. I love your pants. And you have beautiful smile!

  4. Rosa says:

    I wish to meet you!

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