Packing for #NEORUNWAY

So now starts the packing rituals. I’m always so crazy when it comes to pack things for trips. I always end up by taking too many clothes, but still.. I prefer to have more than enough. You never know!! I got a cool schedule from NEO so that was pretty helpful to start figuring some things out for the packing. So if I can share some of my crazy packing rituals, here are some:
. WEATHER. Always check that part. I start by contemplating the weather grid and then CLOSET.
. LISTS. Making sure I don’t forget important things like tooth brushes (why do I always forget them?)
. GADGETS. Stocking as many as I can – phone, tablet, cameras and laptop are essentials.
. CLOTHES, I end up by throwing a bunch of pieces but this time I’m in the mood for patterns, sporty and colorful things, I’m bringing my favorite pieces from Adidas NEO, this jacket and these sneakers.
. ACESSORIES. What are my outfits without those? Bags, Sunnies, jewelry and hats, can’t miss them!
. DOCUMENTS. Tickets, passport and ID, check!
. MOM. Calling my mom for the best way to store all this in a perfect way!
. ZIP. Convincing myself I’m not forgetting anything.
So now, I only have left a super exciting countdown. Can’t wait to leave to the airport and start this amazing experience together with NEO!! Are you with me? Follow my instagram and NEO’s for a full coverage and be sure to check the hashtags #NEORUNWAY #ADIDASNEOLABEL to discover more of this NEO world experience.

9 responses to “Packing for #NEORUNWAY”

  1. Fii ♥ says:

    Boa viagem ! Beijinhos,

  2. BOA VIAGEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! VAIS AMAR. não te esqueças do postal!
    essa mala é nova? mil desarrumada mas gosto do que vejo: PADRÕES. tou mais excited do que tu eehehehhe leva um livro para a viagem! (deves ter filmes no avião mas you never know). Also, vai ao Central Park se puderes, vale imenso a pena.. respirar ar fresco nessa cidade que é tão overwhelming. diverte-te babe… eu cá tenho avalições orais esta semana bahhh

  3. Adorava ter essa oportunidade de sonho 🙂 Diverte-te e depois mostra-nos tudo !! Boa viagem 🙂

  4. Anónimo says:

    Ana, costumas encomendar roupa dos estados unidos?? já tiveste algum problema com a alfândega? quanto custam as taxas aduaneiras? agradecia imensooo uma resposta! 🙂 btw, adoro o teu blog, uma verdadeira inspiração 😉 aproveita a estadia! :)) xoxo

  5. ewsko says:

    You have amazing photos. For a long time followers and visit your designs, I am extremely delighted with your person. What kind of camera and the subject you're shooting on a blog? 🙂 :*

  6. Deve estar a ser uma experiência incrível, good luck and lots of fun 😉
    I love your blog!!

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