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Just wanted to show you my make up and nails for today’s night!! Do you like it? My sister did almost all of my eye’s makeup, with imagine… her fingers.. We are seriously in need of one makeup brushes kit! ahah I already ordered one by the way!! Anyway, hope you have a wonderful night and celebrate in an awesome way the transition to 2014!! Love you guys, Happy New year!!! <3 p="">

10 responses to “”

  1. Diana says:

    Ficas super gira com esse baton !!!

  2. tatiana says:

    adoro o verniz! perfeito para a ocasião 🙂

  3. Joana Santos says:

    Adorei as unhas!!
    Feliz ano novo querida 😉


  4. Helena says:

    Linda como sempre!
    Tem um bom ano!!!


  5. Adorei a maquilhagem, está linda!
    Feliz Ano Novo 🙂

    Um beijinho, PHUCKING PHASHION

  6. riotdontdiet says:

    uau, adoro o baton!!

    bom ano querida 🙂

  7. says:

    Adoro a cor do verniz! Super giro 🙂
    E bom ano!!

  8. Que maquilhagem linda linda!!

    With love, Bárbara

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