Dangerous Blue by mexiquer on polyvore

Okay.. after my attempt to take pictures with this weather I just decided to stick with a cool set for today, with that jacket and sweater as huge crushes. This weather is completely impossible, for whatever haves/to do’s and moods. And as you know, polyvore is my favorite tool to imagine outfits and combine some pieces I won’t ever be able to wear ($$$, if you know what i mean) ahaha or maybe I will, you never know about the future right.. How was your day? 

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  1. Adoro! O Casaco de pelo é giríssimo =)

  2. Insanely It says:

    não fiz nadaa! E agora estou de consciencia pesada, mas soube tão bem! XD Adoro essa sweater!! de onde é? :O

  3. Helena says:

    Ai esse casaco é tão giro, não me importava nada de o ter no meu armário!
    Adorei o set, aliás, eu adoro todos os teus set's!!!


  4. O casaco é tão lindo 🙂 e a camisola também 🙂

  5. Nice 😉

  6. Adoro o casaco!! é lindo!!

  7. I love blue furry pieces like that jacket! I´m currently on the hunt of a blue fur collar to pair with leather jackets!

  8. Ana Meyer says:

    That jacket is the bomb! x


  9. Zidelou says:

    nice and cool pieces!

  10. Adoro as sapatilhas

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