Good morning! I’m getting ready to go out for work! I’m so sleeeepy but I just wanted to update you about these cute crop tops I received (2for30$, wow)! How cool the patterns are right? Outfits with these will come soon!! Have a nice day!!

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  1. Cátia Boas says:

    adoro o crop top 🙂

  2. Zidelou says:

    Great new in's!

  3. Hello babe!!!!Love the new desing of your blog, so clean and professional!!! Can you teel me how can I do to put the comments in the center, just like yours? The funny thing is that I centered the title of the posts the date etc, but I don't know to center the comments!:)
    How are you by the way??????? everything ok?????
    Kiss Kiss

  4. Mexiquer says:

    Hey babeee!!! Everything ok here, and there? Studies and work? Tell meeee!!! About the comments, I have my blog as one column only that's why everything is on the center!! Kisses!!

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