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I’m a bit sick at the moment. I could use some beach water to help me out with my bad breathing but I have a bunch of other things to do so no beach for me today! This is one of those looks that the sun rays can make a little hard to be in but I just love total black looks. So I just had to show you my version of trashed and ripped jeans! I love them although they’re so stupid when it comes to dress them up! My toes always get stuck in one of the cut outs ahah What do you think about them? Was I well succeeded? Have a nice sunday!

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  1. Helena says:

    Essas calças ficaram fantásticas, ADORO, ADORO, ADORO!!!
    As melhoras 🙂


  2. Juseneide says:

    O look totalmente black mas cheio de acessórios que saltam à vista 😀
    Antes de mais melhoras.Eu quando tinha umas calças rasgadas a uns anos atrás acontecia-me o mesmo quando as vestia.bjs

  3. ritzz says:

    adorei o look! as calças são qualquer coisa 🙂

    beijinho, Ana

  4. Vicki Marie says:

    Awesome look babe. All black totally suits you xx

  5. Mafalda says:

    You're like the definition of cool!! Seriously, you look amazing girl <3

  6. gosh i love this outfit so much!


    Coline ♡

  7. Insanely It says:

    acontece-me sempre isso ao vestir ripped jeans! haahah
    E adoro a mistura de colares!! 😀

  8. adoro o look, mas também acho que tudo te fica bem! és linda

  9. Mary-Kate says:

    Such a Great sunglasses!
    I love that!

  10. Michelle Ryu says:

    Amazing look! You have incredible style!


  11. CateWood says:

    Um dos looks que mais gosto! muito bem! 🙂

  12. Porra! As calças partiram tudo, lindas!!


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