What a night!! We were such a nice group yesterday! We laughed so much, we were all with funny faces from the drinking ahahh The weather was not great, the fog and the cold ruined my attempt to get a nice night on a top and shorts but anyway, how cool were the artic monkeys!!! They have given such a great concert!! I already saw them 2 years ago also in Superbock, but c’amon.. you can never get tired of them and that super cool accent Alex has. It’s said. Have a nice day!!

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  1. Adelajda says:

    A lot of good looking people – nice!

  2. Daniela says:

    Também estive ontem aí!
    Adorei 😉
    sem dúvida, os arctic monkeys deram um bom concerto…
    em especial adorei a minha black gal , Azealia Banks!!!
    continua na diversão
    The Land of Miabelle

  3. Mary-Kate says:

    I love your lipstick!!!

  4. estavas bem festivaleira 😀

  5. Insanely It says:

    gostava muito de ter ido!! Fica para a próxima, não se pode ir a todos ahah

  6. Love the pics! and your outfit is rad, especially the hat!


  7. Adorei as fotos, sabe tão bem ter estes momentos de diversão com os amigos 🙂

  8. ritzz says:

    tão giras as fotos! diverte-te!
    run your world

  9. CateWood says:

    Gostava bastante de ter ido ao SBSR. Diverte-te e aproveita.

  10. You look fantastic for the festival!

  11. you and your boyfriend are so cute 🙂


    Coline ♡

  12. Great Festival! Também fui, pessoalmente não gostei muito do concerto de Artic mas The Killers e Queen of Stone Age valeram pelo festival todo 🙂


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