Some of my latests insta moments!
Today’s outfit | DIY some knuckle rings | Technology Party last Saturday | Shoes party | Me at the H&M F/W’13 collection showroom | Me and magirls | Got some new sandals, but lost these sunnies, damn.. | I ♥ noori | Divine light and sleepy faces | Ready to bed | Skins, true love | Trefoil and a very sleep me (yeah I get this sleep face lots of times)

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  1. Letícia says:

    momentos bons suponho

  2. Helena says:

    Adoro o teu Instagram, visito tantas vezes quanto o blog, what means…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!


    • Mexiquer says:

      ehehe és sempre uma querida 🙂 obrigado, tento actualizá-lo o melhor possivel, às vezes sou uma esquecida tmbm! 😛

  3. Mariana says:

    Adoro o teu instagram!

    Beijinho <3

  4. Mary-Kate says:

    Such a Great blog! Im impressed!
    What type of blogger template do You have?

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