I’ve been feeling quite a fascination for cactus which is kind of weird ahah But who can blame me? My tumblr is constantly poping out these kind of pictures and it’s something about desert, heat and these plants that I really like. And for those who would like to follow me on tumblr too, here’s the link! Do you have one? Have a Good day! Love, Mexiq*


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  1. Adelajda says:

    nice pics!

  2. Ines M says:

    I share this fascination. You should see my room. 😉

  3. sakura says:

    ahaha i have around 15 in my house. i have one in every size and shape and even a pink one! it's the only plant that doesn't die with me, since i always forget to water the plants… :p

  4. Lúcia says:

    são fotos fascinantes. O meu tumbler é


  5. Diva In Me says:

    Must be due to over-blast of Coachella moments =)
    Nice pictures though.

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