Sweetly Broken by Mexiquer on polyvore

Good morning! Finally I have my macbook back but now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all the things I have to do. Killer week is waiting for me I’m sure. I have another style collab to show you later today but for now I leave you this set, I feel like this is such a cute look, and all the white and pastels just reminds me of a beautiful romance. I don’t know why ahah Have a good day! Love, Mexiq*

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  1. Joana Santos says:

    Gosto 😀 quero tudo ahah


  2. Adoro os tons!! Meus tons!!! Aha meu colar, minha sweat, meu tudo

  3. Insanely It says:

    Eu era tão feliz dentro desses trapinhos! ahaha!

    Entra no giveaway de uma carteira da Zara aqui http://insanely-it.blogspot.pt/2013/05/international-giveaway-zara-bowling-bag.html

    Bom resto de semana ^^

  4. ritzz says:

    Tão giro o look! 🙂


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