Ahahah No, I don’t have a Valentine BUT I have amazing friends! They’re kind of my Valentines ahah So, me and Afonso decided to go and make ourselves happy (not that we are not) on Valentine’s day too. All roses, hearts and couples everywhere ahah It feels good to see that people still worries about love although I think Valentine’s day must me every single day of the year.. After, we met with Vera and took our way home and the night was really fun! How was your day? Love, Mexiq* 

5 responses to “Yesterday’s”

  1. Ainda bem que te divertiste 🙂 O meu dia foi passado normalmente, com a mesma rotina.
    Beijinho querida,

  2. adorei a ultima foto e acho que fizeram voces muito bem! 😀

    um beijo

  3. Carina says:

    I have a Valentine..mas não comemorámos o dia, acredito que é só apenas mais um dia em que se aproveitam do nosso consumismo.O resto dos dias é sempre São Valentim para mim 🙂

  4. dark lipstick look amazing :))

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