Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle by mexiquer

Tropical and jungle flavour today! Love this mix of prints and patterns 🙂 The contrast between patterns can sometimes look really ridiculous or cool and I think it has to do with the colors you pick. So be risky, an play with patterns! Feel free to follow me on polyvore if you have an account there! leave me yours here too 🙂 Have a great sunday! Love, Mexiq*

4 responses to “Welcome to the jungle”

  1. karkova says:


  2. adorei estes set, está brutal! x

  3. Ana Formigo says:

    curtuo bués ~~~

  4. Niki says:

    My music is on random and bizarrely I was listening to 'Welcome To The Jungle’ by GNR when your post came up on my Google reader!! How weird is that? Love the items you've picked, especially the rings! x

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