That Shirt

Pardon for the celebuzz kind of pic, but I just thought about showing you my latest purchase from ebay. I found a look alike of this givenchy shirt on ebay and I just had to click the button, AGAIN. I think in me will look like a short dress, I picked a bigger size, and I really like it that way. Let’s see when it arrives! Love, Mexiq*

(80$ Msdressy Coupon)

6 responses to “That Shirt”

  1. Room91 says:

    Excellent purchase 😉

  2. linda

    Muitos beijinhos
    MUAH* <3

    Neuza Mariano

  3. Helena says:

    Eu adoro esta t-shirt!
    Mal posso esperar para vê-lá por aqui no blog 🙂


  4. Amélie says:

    – Great Tshirt 🙂 I Love This !
    So I Following U Now

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