Do you know these books? I’m so hooked!! After I finished reading “The Hunger Games” saga some months ago I was trying to find another serie of books that kept me motivated on reading. And I found it – The Mortal Instruments from the author Cassandra Clare. I’m on the second book, but I have 2 more ahead (for know). Really like the plot, the fiction, the immaginary world and, above all, the characters. I also know that is being filmed an adaptation of the first book, with so many wonderful actors (you can see the trailer here)! I’m so excited for although people always say that films are worst, but I want to see it anyway. This is a different post, but I wanted to show you a little bit of my hobbies, and reading as become a big part of my days. Love, Mexiq*


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  1. Claudina says:

    Os livros The Hunter Games viciaram-me!

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