Sun addict

Good Morning fellas! How sunny it is today over here! Really love how the sunlight passes through the window and make those little geometric figures on my walls and furniture! That was always something that I loved on my room, how warm it gets specially on the afternoon. I hope you have a great sunday 🙂 I’m going to stay at home finishing a university essay! Love, Mexiq*


11 responses to “Sun addict”

  1. Good morning!!!!!!here the weather sucks, and it's soo soo damn cold outside:(
    Yeah, you can do whatever you want girl!:)

  2. é tao bom acordar e ter sol com fartura a entrar pela janela, é logo outro ânimo!!
    goog luck on your essay *

  3. adorei a fotografia! x

  4. Beadelicious says:

    Bom fim de Semana! =)*

  5. Have you already chosen some Christmas presents? We have a Christmas Calendar with some great ideas.
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ❤

  6. Insanely It says:

    Adoro a corrente dourada comoo colar! Adoro!! :))

  7. Diva In Me says:

    May the sun shines on you throughout the day =)
    All the best in writing the essay.

  8. GIVEAWAY on my blog Sofisss!!!!!!!

  9. Helena says:

    A foto está linda!
    É impressionante como o tempo pode mudar completamente o nosso estado de espirito 🙂


  10. riotdontdiet says:

    tas tao gira :Dadoro o colar **

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