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This month I was featured (together with these amazing girls, right?) in Just Another Fashion Magazine, a “weekly interactive digital fashion magazine designed exclusively for the ipad”. So if you’re lucky to have one don’t forget to check the last issue. You can get the app available on the App store or just check the site to know a little bit more about the magazine. Love the wonderful job that the wonderful lisa, the editor, is doing with the magazine. Looks so fresh and cool! I’m loving it! What do you think? Love, Mexiq*


6 responses to “Featured in”

  1. Irene Buffa says:

    that is awesome! love ur looks indeed!

    Join my GIVEAWAY 🙂


  2. Mariana says:

    Também já fui seleccionada uma vez.. é tão giro de ver e sabe tão bem lá estar não é?!! Parabéns! 🙂

  3. Olha a minha prima Mariana a falar com a Ofia! Que mundo pequeno. Tão giroooo

  4. JULIETTE says:

    Wooow congratulations, it is so cool that you were in the magazine, you definitely deserved it!


  5. Vanda says:

    Well done girl!!!! YOU WILL GO FAR!!!!

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