Your heart is as black as night

Cannot tell you the origin of the pictures at all because I don’t know, but I just found them and I thought they’re so f*ucking amazing! Love everything about them, the model, the contrast, the bad boy face, the leather put together with the mermaid long skirt, such a cool editing.. This girl rock! Don’t you think? Anyone knows who’s the photographer or the editorial?Love, Mexiq*

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  1. don't know anything about those photos, but I just love them! x)*

  2. ACABEI DE OUVIR ESSA MUSICA, já não ouvia Melody ha tanto!

  3. Obrigada, querida :p
    Uhm, esses achados nos saldos são os melhores! A mala é realmente bonita 🙂

    Kisses xx

  4. Diva In Me says:

    In a way I kind of like her face too. I find her chic & sexy at the same time =)

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