Here you have some of the pictures I took yesterday. Extremely nerve-wracking this thing of put together teamworks and work on a whole project during half a day and today we have to present it t a room full of people. I’m nervous but this is such a open eye experience to the real world. On the other hand, the resort is so cool that we are experiencing fun thing too! Hope you’re having a good day 🙂 Love, Mexiq*


8 responses to “YABootcamp”

  1. Claudina says:

    Parece que te divertiste muito!

  2. Luisa T. says:

    parece ter sido um dia em grande!
    adorei as fotgrafias

    Fashion Breaker

  3. Marta Santos says:

    O resort parece fantástico, dá para perceber pelas fotos que te divertiste muito!


  4. Rita Soares says:

    adorei as fotografias, querida. e tens toda a razão: é deveras importante sermos desafiadas profissionalmente! é gratificante

  5. hahaahah great pics, the place looks awesome!:) luck with the project girl!You're going to do it well…
    I hate those presentations in front of many people……
    Have a nice week!

  6. Lin. says:

    despite all stress seems like u are having really grate time. NIce pic ;))
    good luck!

  7. riotdontdiet says:

    adorei as fotos, paredce ter sido tao fixe 😀

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