Happy morning

Balenciaga “tribute” boots – Ebay

Can you imagine how my face was after seeing these beauties this morning? Big smile, my mom and sister were very impressed too! Could not wait to wear them so I’ve changed the shoes and put these on!! God, only the rain have ruined my day, I couldn’t take any pictures so I’ll show you them in an outfit tomorrow. Finally I can risk something out of my wishlist.. Feels good sometimes eheh How was your day?*

15 responses to “Happy morning”

  1. TheGirl Chic says:

    Sao mesmooooo muito giras!!!!

  2. Zoe says:

    wowww!! They're sooo big but I love them!!!!!The issue continues with my blog!!!!Can you tell me if you see my updates, please???????
    Have a great weekend Sofia!:)

  3. Cátia G. says:

    lindas lindas lindas!!!

  4. Cátia G. says:

    lindas lindas lindas!!!

  5. são tão lindas, adoro as 😮

  6. RitaS ♡ says:

    Com esses sapatos todas as manhãs são happy! ihihihh

  7. Maria says:

    WOW ! Great !


  8. Victoria says:

    I love them! What a catch 🙂

    – Victoria

  9. After Dreams says:

    tenho uns muito parecidos a estes e adoro, são lindos! xx

  10. Margarida says:

    adorooo, são perfeitas!!

  11. São de cortar a respiração! E não é uma forma de expressão, foi mesmo o que senti quando as vi! Lindas, mesmo!


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