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Good morning!! Well.. maybe I should say, good afternoon, I just overdozed the sleeping time eheh Today it’s the 25 April and it’s an important day here in Portugal, we celebrate it as a freedom day and from that we have a national holiday. We celebrate this day every year, and we have a special care for the celebrations of our carnation revolution day (a revolução dos cravos), as we call it. This name came from the events that changed the Portuguese regime many years ago (1974) to a democracy, and the simbolic carnation flowers were put on the gun’s end and uniforms as the end of the ‘war’. I thought this would be an important thing to say, because this is really an important day for the portuguese citizens and I am one.
Now I get to show you the IV round of Fashion Trunk I’ve prepared for you guys 🙂 Huge obsession for denim and I guess everybody has it, on pants, shorts, jackets, skirts, even in acessories. I’ve made on cute denim bralet top the other day and I have to show you, I think it will be a nice thing to use with long skirts. But that, you’ll see later. Now, run to go lunch with family and later night dinner with some friends. Talk to you tomorrow, have a wonderful day :)*

10 responses to “Fashion Trunk IV”

  1. Love it!!♥

    Check my blog and leave a comment..X

  2. Sofia says:

    Yes there is so many nice dresses on! You wanted to see pictures of me wearing the dress but actually it wasn't the right size 🙁 maybe I'm gonna order another dress you can see =)

  3. Diva In Me says:

    Very cool look! I see a hint of leopard print on the socks too =)

  4. I'll check out your tumblr again!!
    Have a great night sofia!!!!!

  5. Room91 says:

    Can't wait to see the denim bralet top!

  6. O look da imagem maior está brutal! Adoro a clutch 🙂

  7. Clara Turbay says:

    I like so much your outfit!

  8. Missy Cheeks says:

    Ganga é algo que nunca falta no ármario de alguém!!
    bjs boa quinta.

  9. Rita Soares says:

    adoro a atençao q tens para os detalhes! um simples rasgao ou um numero de tachas no sitio certo e puff! ;)*

  10. Nesrine says:

    I love this girl's look , it has been on my "Inspiration" folder for a while ! Haha

    Happy late Revolution day 🙂

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