Today’s details

Two pictures of today’s details. This vintage belt I found in my mother’s drawer and I fell in love with it! I love the motifs on the buckle. I’ve combined it with some black pants, a beautiful white top from H&M and Scarf from Primark. Now – off for dinner and a concert in Barreiro, my cousin is going to ‘perform’ playing the electric guitarr, excited! It will be a nice night. Byebye, talk to you tomorrow and answer all your beautiful comments*
p.s: the camera I used rocks! It’s a canon EOS 550d, borrowed from my friend Vera, wich also can make films, it’s so damn nice! I love the image quality, I’m thinking about change my Nikon for this model of Canon.

15 responses to “Today’s details”

  1. TheGirl Chic says:

    eu tenho essa maquina e vale a pena muito!!!

  2. Zoe says:

    The bel rockkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss! In love with that kind of belts!!!!
    Have a great night!!!!!!!!

  3. gosto muito das cores que escolheste!!! ^^ pareces tãaaaaooo confortável!
    have some fun girl* por estes lados, por hoje, series e etc! eheh
    Kiss Kiss

  4. amazing necklace!!!

  5. keyskeys says:

    bem basicamente não encontrei em lojas e todas as bloggers que eu vi compraram online, ebay geralmente. eu acabei por seguir a tal ideia do cinto

  6. Tesa says:

    lovely necklace!

  7. gostei tanto da segunda foto, tenho um colar igual ao teu mas em dourado*-*

  8. Adorei os detalhes 🙂
    Bom fim-de-semana*

  9. thank you 🙂
    oh, i have also that necklace & i love it 🙂
    bisous xxx

  10. inês says:

    aww eu também! e a ti a franja fica super bem *-*
    adoro o colar ♥

  11. Ana says:

    Gost mt do pendente.

  12. Sara Esteves says:

    Gosto muuuito do cinto!

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