This is only the beginning

New week, new achievments. How was your monday? I had the idea for a long time to costumize my shorts a little bit so yesterday I started to work on  these, did a dip dye thing on the first one and next put the studds on them! I was so impressed with the results, I also did some things with others but I finished these two today so I couldn’t  wait to show you guys. I can’t wait to wear them with tanned legs and warmer weather 🙂

20 responses to “This is only the beginning”

  1. Zoe says:

    They're gorgeous!!!! Were can I find these kind os studs???? I want to do something like that!!!

  2. - marii says:

    adorei os segundos, que lindos :')

  3. keyskeys says:

    ficaram awesome

  4. R C says:

    Estão um máximo! 🙂 Onde arranjaste as tachas?

  5. Cs1993 says:

    I love it my dear!

    Cátia Sousa

  6. Emanuel I. says:

    Those pants are gorgeous!!!
    I want a pair…

  7. Monica says:

    estão o máximo!! gosto muito… e também vou fazer o mesmo :p

  8. Adoro o detalhe das tachas, ficaram lindos 🙂

  9. Diva In Me says:

    I must say you did a great job!! So cool! Stunning with the studs and all =)

  10. Vickita says:

    Gorgeous shorts! 🙂

    – Victoria

  11. clair says:

    Adorei os jeans :))
    Estou a seguir 🙂 *

  12. OMG i'm in love w/ those studded denim shorts & also w/ that metallic sweater so cool, love it so much 🙂

  13. São um máximo! Os segundos então…! 😀

  14. amei os shorts, amei!

  15. I love both of these summers! perfect for the upcoming months! I esp love the studs.

  16. Miss Bad says:

    Gostei imenso como ficaram os shorts pretos *.*

  17. Adoro adoro adoro os da bershka!

  18. lovely lovely lovely!

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