I’ll be around

Well I have big news for you!! Today I did photoshoot with one friend with major skills in photography 🙂 She wanted to do a shoot with me and I really appreciated 🙂 THANKS SABRINA! We had so much fun and a really good experience for both of us, hope we can repeat. I’m excited to show you some results, later!! For now I leave you my outfit of today (pic taken by my mother, I think she’s getting better with the camera on her hands eheh). Love this cardigan with snake prints! Do you like? How was your day?
Tomorrow I’m going to lisbon to film some scenes for a Multimedia work. This week is all about working hard!!*

Cardigan – Zara, Top – Stradivarius, Necklace – H&M, Jeans – Bershka, Wedges – Nelly

34 responses to “I’ll be around”

  1. Margarida says:

    A primeira fotografia está o máximo!
    Adorei o look:)

  2. Zoe says:

    That cardigan is awesome! love it! And the wedges too! I'm thinking of bulling the model called Zhob!!
    Good night!

  3. onde foste agora? lol

  4. Maria Nunes says:

    Gosto muito do cardigan e do top. xoxo

  5. Nádia says:

    um look simples e cheio de estilo!

    Giveaway – glitter colar!!!

  6. Carla Matos says:

    Adorei o teu outfit, mas os sapatos são mesmo apaixonantes.
    Tornei-me seguidora do teu blog. Adorei-o!
    Love <3


  7. Zoe says:

    Hahaha I knew You'll love the lemon top!!!!! I found it at COS, I don't know if you have a closer shop there!:)

  8. PattyMan says:

    congratulation! I can't wait to see the efect of your work 🙂
    you r so artistic!

  9. this is a great fashion shoot, it looks very professional. A beautiful sunny day too.

    Sophie x


  10. Great blog and outfits ♥

  11. These are the most gorgeous wedges!! Beautiful outfit!


  12. Emily. says:

    amazing photos! and i love your shoes 🙂



  13. que linda, adoro o teu estilo*-*

  14. mirel says:

    great outfit!:)


  15. Adorei o outfit!
    Todas as peças são lindas lindas!
    Já te estou a seguir, gostei imenso do blog!



  16. Maria says:

    so beautiful look !!!!! I like your wedges. Kisses!


  17. Cat says:

    lindo casaco, lindo! keep up gawl!!!

  18. Klaudia B. says:

    You look great !

    Klaudia B.

  19. Mexiquer says:

    obrigaaaaaaaaaado! *

  20. I adoooore the shoes!

  21. Ida says:

    I like your shoes 🙂

  22. We love your blog! Nice post! The photos look smashing!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  23. Carolina says:

    Adorei o outfit 🙂

  24. glam girl says:

    amei o look e o blog 🙂

  25. lepinkbow says:

    love your outfit!! i want those wedges!!! (:


  26. Adorei o outfit! 😀

  27. Joana Sá says:

    Tão bem! Amo as sandálias

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  28. voo27 says:

    Adoro os Wedges`…

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