Spell and The Gipsy

Ando apaixonada pelas colecções da boutique “Spell and The gipsy”.Para quem não sabe, foi criada por duas irmãs (Elizabeth and Isabella) que têm uma paixão enorme por penas, cabedal e turquesa! Desde joalharia, acessórios, e roupa, tudo sugere uma sensação de exótico, de antiguidade, nem sei bem explicar, mas adoro! Babo-me só de olhar para os detalhes de cada peça que conjugam muito bem com a mensagem que estas talentosas “senhoras” tentam passar. Love itttttttt 🙂
Podem visitar o blog e o site aqui e aqui.
I’m so in love with the collections of boutique “Spell and The gipsy”.For those who don’t know, it was created by two sisters (Elizabeth and Isabella) that have a huge passion for leather, feathers and turquoise! Since jewellery, accessories, and clothes, everything suggests a sense of exotic, ancient… its beyond my explanation, but I love all their pieces! I’m so enchanted only by looking at the details of each piece that combine very well with the message that these talented “ladies” try to pass. Love itttttttt:)
You can visit their blog and site here and here.

2 responses to “Spell and The Gipsy”

  1. Zoe says:

    Love your blog, and I love spell and the gypsy too! I already knew them….
    Love from Spain!

  2. Mexiquer says:

    Thanks zoee 🙂 so nice of you! They are amazing!!! *

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