Presenting Mafalda’s Collection

Heeyyyy guys! Well, this is a special post. I wanted to show you this pretty ‘Collection’ of my friend Mafalda Manteigas. She used cutlery as her main material for this line and I think this is a great idea with beautiful pieces as result. I love the necklaces and the whirls and spirals of the earrings. I remember being with her during the production in our classes and also remember how much sucess it was when she showed the line in our last exhibit at the high school, also known as “Ver de Fazer”.
Damn gorgeous. Mafalda I’m your fan too 🙂 eheh

9 responses to “Presenting Mafalda’s Collection”

  1. Manteiguxa says:

    thank you v much, baby.
    keep on with the great work you're also doing <3

  2. Cat says:

    lindo lindo lindo the best

  3. Wowww the spoons necklace!! Soooo original and 100% green 🙂

  4. Monica Mira says:

    bem que já me tinhas falado nisto! realmente é brutal o trabalho da tua amiga, parabéns mafalda 🙂

  5. OLhe será que a menina podia-me memprestar algumas das suas peças? XOXO 😀

  6. Zoe says:

    woowww, the earrings are sooo beautiful!!!!!

  7. Christoffer says:

    Oh, thank you so much!!! Your comments always makes me so happy 🙂 hugs

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