Leather Jacket – Zara; Maroon Jacket – Bershka; Necklace – Sfera; White top – Zara; Shorts – Bershka; Tights – Tezenis; Boots – Claires
That’s right, that’s how I named my  motorcycle ahahha 
I bought this wonderful thing about eight months ago. I’ve always had a giant passion for motorcycles, since I was little. I remember when I had an electric one, and I was always so excited and happy to drive the little pink moto. When I had the opportunity a few months ago to take my driving license, was the first thing I thought, so, one of my dreams can get a ‘check’ on the list ahahah
I love the freedom it gives me and Yes, the style is also something that comes with it! ehehe
Isn’t it beautiful? It’s my baby!

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Great blog! Keep it up!
    Xo, Alexandra


  2. Zoe says:


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