I’m painting the town red


Big Scarf (Grandma made me); Shirt – H&M; Necklace – H&M; Pants – Bershka; Wedges – Nelly
Hey guys!! How was your day? I spent the day with my friend Vera in her house “taking advantage” of her brand new camera (Canon 550d) for some photos and videos. Hope I can show you later. We had a great time! We also talked about some things we really wanna do, projects and stuff.
And I have great news! She lent me her sewing machine while she’s in Darmstadt (I already have one, but it’s small and doesn’t work very well), wich means, I WILL start working. I hope I can start producing something of my designs. I also have to remember my sewing classes ehehe and of course, show here some results. Let’s see!

5 responses to “I’m painting the town red”

  1. Zoe says:

    Nice outfit!Love the snood and the colour it's perfect!!
    What a beautiful cat!:)

  2. Sophia says:

    I love your outfit, I love the relaxed edgy look. You're beautiful! <3


  3. BF says:

    I have a scarf just like that, same color, from Target, and I LOVE it. Cute with everything!

  4. RITITI says:


  5. Joana G. says:

    Adorei o blog. Adorei as fotografias e o teu estilo, muitos parabéns 🙂


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