models Zhob, Leopold and Maggie
CONSEGUIIII! Encomendei agora estas sandálias e wedges e estou ansiosissima que cheguem!!! ahahha Já estava a algum tempo de olho nelas e esperei um bocadinho para que os preços baixassem para as poder comprar!! Podem vêr estes modelos no site Nelly. As leopardo são para oferecer à minha irmã, mas claro que lhes vou dar uns passeios eheh O Natal traz coisas destas 🙂 Depois hei-de mostrar fotografias com elas vestidas! Can’t waaaaaaaait*
DOOONE! Ordered now these sandals and wedges and I’m so ansious, can’t wait until they arrive! ahahha I was keeping my eye on them and I waited a bit for the prices get lower so I could buy them!! You can see these these models in the site Nelly. The Leopard ones are to offer to my sister, but of course I’ll make some tours with them eheh Christmas brings things like these:) Later I’ll show you photos with them dressed! Can’t waaaaaaaait *
Lov *

3 responses to “HERE THEY COME :)”

  1. Monica Mira says:

    encomendaste as três??? bitch! 😀

  2. Zoe says:

    Love the three models, specially the first ones! but i don't have what i have to have to wear them (it is the corret way to say it?) hahaha!!!!
    Nelly is a great web site and you can find a lot of things tehere….enjoy them!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. R. says:

    Ahh adoro as primeiras sandálias 🙂

    passa no meu 😉

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