Blue Power

 Necklace – Sfera; (little dress under the skirt) – Tezenis; Long Skirt – Primark; Boots – Seaside

Heyy guyys! Today I spent my day at home with my cute cat doing some homeworks and also made some draws and took a few pics. I took this photo because I wanted to show you my necklace, I’m so in love with it, I wear it almost every single day. I love my long skirt too, is a mixed of blue/green, beautiful color with a nice cut to see the leg. Lovely!
I’m glad that I didn’t need to go outside because what I can see by the window it’s some really bad fog. I would freeze in a minute if I put my little feet outside my house ehehe
Tomorrow I’ll be visiting some expositions, one at the Berardo’s Collection Museum, to see if I can find something nice to write a paper for one of my classes. Something inspiring. I also want to do a kind of photo diary too to put nice photos in here during the weekend. what you’ll be doing this weekend?

9 responses to “Blue Power”

  1. Christoffer says:

    Thank yooouuu 🙂

  2. também já estou a seguir 🙂

  3. Monica Mira says:

    gourgeous, baby 🙂

  4. Mexiquer says:

    grazzias monique <3

  5. Mad says:

    oh que gira!

  6. jenlen says:

    love your style!

  7. Nádia says:

    descobri agora o blog e adorei! tens um sentido de moda e estética que aprecio muito! 😀 estou a seguir!

    essa saia é LIIIINDA! :O


  8. Manteiguxa says:

    excelente outfit, linda! e essa saia fica-te perfeita, cor e forma!

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