Back to life

It’s true, I’ve disappeared for a few days, but I had good reasons. The Christmas season kills me, lunch and dinner after lunch and dinner, all day long with my family. IT’S CRAZY. I don’t know how but I still remain skinny ehhehe My stomach is still in recovery :p
ANYWAY. How was your christmas? Gifts? I have to show you some of myne. Here they are:

Perfums and Cosmetics products were the strong point of this year. I LOVE DKNY fragance. It’s so yummi and it’s my favorite perfume of all time! I swear I would like to eat it if I could ehehe
I’m also very enthusiastic about this line of products of ‘Rituals’ Store. It’s called “Time out” and it looks perfect to relax 🙂
My sister gave me some products of Springfield line of cosmetics: the blush, the black mascara and the pencil. It looks to me that she don’t want me messing with her things and her make-up products ehehe So she had to give me some so I can have my own, nice.

YEAAAAHA. I LOVE THESE LITTLE THINGS. My grandparents gave me this, and I will be able to eat on my favorite sushi restaurant. GREAT. I’m missing it so much.
My grandma made me one of these pretty big scarves. I love it! One of my favorite colors of this year and one of my favorite acessories for the cold too.
TANTANTAN! One piece pajama for me! I’m always complainning to my mom that I have too much cold so she deals with the subject by getting me one of these! My own it’s not red and does not have a hoodie, bue it’s so nice and I advise everybody – YOU SHOULD GET ONE TOO! ehehe
I received other things and also money, I will save it for my trip to Frankfurt next January and of corse for THE SALE SEASON beginning now. I’m excited!
So how are your new year’s plans going? I have to say, myne are still in “construction”. I’m a little worried, but I think that I will solve the problem joining my best friends, and it will the most fun night!

2 responses to “Back to life”

  1. Zoe says:

    Wowwww, what nice things! You have been so good this year, haha!
    Love that perfum, have it!:)
    I have no presents by the time because we celebrate the three kings, so I have to wait a little more.

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