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I’m sitting here watching a soccer game and trying to finish this at the same time lol I made this set for you today! Once again, very casual and that it’s all I can think of now. Comfy clothes are the best and when they’re pretty as this, what can I say? I’m really thinking about saving some money to get a par pf slip-ons or maybe a par of nike roshe run. I think they’re the coolest sneakers right now! Do you like this set? Favorite piece? Tell me!

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  1. Anónimo says:

    Os óculos também se encontram por cá, aqui, em exclusividade!!

  2. Ana Andrez says:

    Excelente combinação, adoro o chapeu…
    Pena é continuar este tempo maravilhoso 🙁

  3. I totally agree with you on everything. Those shoes are nice. I think you should definitely get them. It's hard to just pick one favorite. My favorites is the bra, pants, shirt, shoes, & makeup. A lot, I know. haha. I pretty much like everything. :p

  4. joana leite says:

    Amei o batom <3

  5. Adoro! Cada peça mais gira que a outra! 🙂

  6. Maya O says:

    Love the hat, been looking for one that suited me for a while!

  7. a mala é super gira!

    With Love ♥ Jenni

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