You run my mind

ph by Afonso Pinheiro
Esta é uma das fotografias que tiramos ontem nas ínumeras vezes que passamos pelas escadas rolantes do metro. Like this one A LOT! Agora, estou em casa a preparar-me para ver um filme no wareztuga com um belo lanche! Talk to you tomorrow!! Love, Mexiq*
Picture from yesterday while we were on the rolling stairs to the underground station. We went for so many rounds on them just for one picture to come out good ahaha Now, I’m sitting here on my bed preparing to watch a movie on wareztuga, talk to you tomorrow! Love, Mexiq*

4 responses to “You run my mind”

  1. Joana Santos says:

    Ficou muito gira a foto! 🙂

  2. Milex says:

    So unusual as I am

  3. Marta Santos says:


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