Cowboy Set

I feel like this could be the perfect set of acessories for me right now. Feeling like a cowboy? Hell yeah! I’m looking crazy to find a hat like this one here, black it’s my preference because I already have one in brown. One with a really wide and straight brim. Do you know what I mean? Any tips? I always  feel a little boho whem the summer starts to arrive 馃檪 I love this kind of things! Love, Mexiq*

9 responses to “Cowboy Set”

  1. Nobre Sandra says:

    Muito fixe o set!! Fico 脿 espera que arranjes o chap茅u para ver um look com ele ;p

  2. C谩tia G. says:

    Adoro este tipo de estilo! as botas s茫o lindas!

  3. Maria says:

    I agree! Love them!

  4. N茫o tens de agradecer 馃檪 adorei tudo nesta imagem. Beijinhoo

  5. Margarida says:

    o chap茅u 茅 lindo!

  6. Missy Cheeks says:

    De nada 馃檪 s贸 digo o que me ocorre na mente,consoante o que vejo.
    Gosto dos acess贸rios fazem lembrar o wild wil west (das s茅ries que nunca vi um de verdade 馃槢 ),mas cum toque de actualidade.bjs

  7. OH NOOO!! You don't have to feel bad, we're humans and I think it's better late, than never….So thanks!!!!:)
    Well, my day was so good, with good company and some presents!:) But now I'm a bit older….
    Great selection of things by the way, I really love that hat, but I don't dare to wear it!

  8. Insanely It says:

    gostei muito do teu blog, vou seguir!
    猫s daquelas pessoas que qualquer trapinho fica bem 馃槈 Uma inspira莽茫o 馃檪

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