Black and Metal

1 – La Garçonne 2 – Kirna Zabête 3 – 4 – Charm and Chain 5- Topshop 6 – Alexander Wang 7 – H&M 8 – Monki 9 – 10 – River Island 11 – Jewellery from Eddie Borgo 12 – Modekungen 13 –

It’s sunny outside but I still think in back. What are you favorites items?  Oh how I wished to have all of them! Have a good sunday!*

16 responses to “Black and Metal”

  1. says:

    adorei mesmo, comprava algumas peças destas! 🙂

  2. It's alla amazing really!
    So cool, aw. 🙂
    bisous & happy Easter! xxx

  3. Sara Pereira says:

    Eu também tenho pensado em cores escuras. Para mim esta primavera não há pastel e neons! O meu item favorito é o colar…sabes se é muito caro?

  4. Zoe says:

    This is anither great combination, black-metal, i looove it!!!!!
    Enjoy the sun girl, cause here it's raining!!!!!Kisses from my solitary blogggg!

  5. Zoe says:

    I'm so indignant cause they don't have a contact email, but bloglovin for example yes!!!!They only have one forum, but it may take months for someone to answer me……so I don't know what to do…If I see a pair of sunnies with that description I'll tell you!:)

  6. Cátia G. says:

    Amo tudo!!!

  7. Estupidezes says:

    Opá amo tudinho mas gargantilha nr. 4 e os sunnies nr. 9: lindíssimos!

  8. Niki says:

    Great selection, i love them all!!

  9. Apesar de no geral não ser o meu estilo, adorei o 4, 7 e 8 🙂

  10. Aliénor says:

    Great Choice ! I love evrything, you have really nice inspiration 😉

  11. o teu blog é girissimo!
    tenho as minhas botas (12 modekungen) à venda no blog, estao novissimas! passa lá

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