Psychedelic Sunset

Planet blue strikes again with this wonderful lookbook. For me, this online shop store has some of the most attractive lookbooks for each season and collections. Is able to capture trends, spirit and the beauty of the clothes. The model, the photographer, styling, and editing are perfect in this production, agree?
It puts toguether neon, prints, metalics, lace, beautiful sunglasses, shoes and acessories. For me a perfect combination of what may prove to be the spring/summer of this year 🙂
At the moment I’m at home doing a work and later I will spend the night with two friends that I haven’t seen for a while now, it will be a fun night! Tomorrow morning I’ll be back home early to finish the final work of this semester and after that HOLIDAYS FOR REAL (I need them!). WOOP WOOP!
Have a great Saturday <3!

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24 responses to “Psychedelic Sunset”

  1. Just me says:

    Wooow That's amazing, so proffesional 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    Stunning collection, that neon dress it's………….. I don't have words haha…..
    Hope you enjoy the night!!!:)

  3. Annie says:

    Adorei, especialmente o vestido Neon 🙂

  4. Sofia says:

    adoro, que produção fantástica 🙂 beijinhos * Sofia

  5. Olá, encontrei o teu blog e gostei dele. Então foste premiada no meu*

  6. this is so amazing! i adore this! xx

  7. Choques Rosa says:

    gostei muito do teu blog, e das imagens e dos looks 🙂 estamos a seguir!*

  8. Fabiana says:

    Amazing pics!

  9. Mel... says:

    qual é a marca dos oculos!? (what is the brand of sunglasses!?) … <3

  10. karkova says:

    a produção está fantástica! obrigada pelo o comentário deixas me babadíssima 😀

  11. beautiful collection! everything looks amazing!

  12. hi beauty! I love love love your blog 🙂 xoxo

  13. Uauuuuu! Amei, adorei seus looks as ideias para fotos, parabens! Otimo blog de moda.
    Tem sorteio de uma paleta de 120 cores de sombra modelo A rolando no FP. Já esta participando?

  14. FashionBlow says:

    O vestido neon, fantastico! optimo post, como sempre 🙂

  15. Manteiguxa says:

    gosto imenso do vestido azul de renda! bora juntarmo-nos e fazer as nossas proprias peças agora nas ferias! tenho umas ideias ahah

  16. Mel... says:

    ola…desculpa insistir, mas gostei mesmo dos oculos mega-redondos…será que sabes a marca e me podes dizer!?!? Obrigada…e parabens! Bom gosto!

  17. Mexiquer says:

    podes ver os óculos aqui 🙂 mas tão esgotados, de qualquer das formas ficam aqui!

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